impossibilities part 2


In order to bring you Home we have to proceed with some more imposibilities. 


There is a whole series of issues that brings us closer to Home that are simply impossible and that wil be discussed in the next series of pages.


We as living beings have a body.


And our body consist of about 70-80 % of water and water is an important substance that keeps any living organism alive.


Next to our the water in our body we have a lot of minerals active that build our support system our bones. Without bones we are not able to standup and or walk around.

But our bones are of mineral composition mainly calcium/magnesium phosphates is the majority of building material. That goes  for all walking and flying organisms and large part of the swimming organisms. 


Another part of out body is fats. Fats and all associated fatty components, play an important essential role in the construction of our body cells and energy storage and body isolation in cold conditions.  


Also an important ingredient are sugars, sugars are also very important for our energy houshold, and also, what not many people know is for our immune system and information storage. Our immune system consist of proteines and linked to these proteins are funtional sugars coupled to make an immunoglobuline functional in defending our body. 


And one of the most important parts is proteins. Proteins are literaly the machines that make our body function as they do. A smallest mistake in these proteines and our body gets ill or totaly disfuctional, these are very minute and detailed constructed ingenious systems to make our bodies function. 


Proteins may make up about 20-25% of our body, but they are one of the most crucial components of our body. This is so because as with building constructions a building can not be constructred without proper tools, our body cannot be build without proteins. 


Now would I like to discuss this very important aspect of our functioning body. 



Proteins are constructed of chemical goodies that we know as amino acids and there are about 20 aminoacids that are used in making proteins, eacht with its own composition and specific features. 


Now like a computer consists of 100's of different parts to function also 1 protein can consist of 100's somtimes 1000's of amino acids other wise this protein does not function at all the way it should. and your body knows about 20.000-50.000 (maybe evenmore that we even dont know yet)  different types of proteins each type having its own function. 


As we know  a computer is a complex instrument that has been made by hand and before it was made it was long though of (several decades at least) by 1000's of people of how to construct this type of machine/instrument/electronic device. 


well in nature it is known that there are 10.000's different of such "proteine"-computers/ instruments for all living beings it is estimated that it may be up to a 1000.000 different proteins in the total realm of natural organisms. 


And all it takes is 20-26 aminoacids to get these all working properly. 


Science has drawn the conclusion that this came to be by pure random lucky chance as the result of all random chemical processes. Now lets see if that is even possible, just in the way as we did on the previous page. 


For that lets take a simple proteine of about 150 amino-acids. what chance does it has to be formed and how much time would that take to get formed, considering pure random processes to get this done. 

For illustration how complex proteins function I advice you to watch these next 2  video's in which are picured several proteines that are way much larger then 150 amino acids.

And in this video how long it would take for 1 functional proteine to form just by random chance


now in order to have a functional protein it is strickly required that allcomposing amino acids are in the exact right position and have the right configuration. you see there are in some cases at least 2 different amino acids with exactly the sam composition but are eachothers mirror molecules. Since in chemistry there is something known as chirality. That means that you have a right hand form of it and its mirror counter part the left hand form. These chemical may seem exactly the same but may have very different propertoes in our functional body. 2 examples show you what I mean: 

in the 1960's there was a medicin in the marked in which this feature was not noticed. we all know this incident as the "softenon" incident. In that incident the 2 forms of a medicinal chemical were not separated and given to people as a mixture of the 2 mirror molecules.  One of the 2 chemicals was indeed emdecinal, but its mirror counterpart was toxic in such a way that woman who were pregnant taking this medicine delivered babies with strong bodily deficiencies. they came known as softenon babies, missing arms or legs or hands etc.