About you


You have been here around on earth now for a while at least untill the minimum age in which you can read this, other wise you would not be here reading or able to read this.


But in your presence here in your "life" you may have noticed many thing that you cannot explain.


Mysteries that cry for an answer, but you dont know where to look. 


Then it is good to know that this website can help you finding answers. You may or may  not have a difficult time to grab the things being said on this website that may be so.  You may even disagree with it, but that does not mean that these are not the answers that you were looking for to bring you home. 


There is a gut feeling inside you that there must be more then the eye meets, but it is hard to put your finger on it. 


In order to answer your questions there first need to be some explaination to be done.