There are many impossibilities around us. 


Things that are impossible to be, even when people claim that they are possible.... 


But yet, we are who we are.


And we are here as a fact.


Some impossibilities


it is impossible in our lifetime that we would be able to travel to the nearest star or to the nearest galaxy or to the edge of the universe

It is impossible during your lifetime to be changed into a mouse or elephant or bromelia

It is impossible to shrink to the size of a human being of 10 cm tall

it is impossible to go to the sun

It is impossible to stay alive in space wearing just your daily clothes


These are some examples in which things are impossible


There is also some thing that is called close to impossible


It is impossible that a meteor will hit you in the head. 


so we shoudl ask the question;  what is impossibility: 

You can see or regard possibility or impossible as a chance of an event to be happening. 



If I have a fair dice then throwing a number 3 has a chance of about 1/6-th (which is +/- 16,666667 %).

Why  is that so ?

Well every cube dice (there are other shaped dices as well, by now)  has 6 sides and if you throw that dice, each side has 1 in 6 chance to be the top side, that also goes for the side with 3 dots on it. 


Now say you live in a town of about 40.000 people (as I do) 

What is the chance that today at 19:30 a boy will be born ? 


Well lets see and estimate this chance:

For that you need to know some data:

a) there is a chance of 1 in 365 that it will happen today, since there are 365 days in a year and today is just 1/365 th part of that

b) there is a chance of 1 in 1440 of that it will happen at exactly 19:30 since there are 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour so 24*60= 1440 minutes

c) there is a chance of 1 to 1.95 chance in being a boy in stead of a girl (at least where I live) that means that the ration boys girls where i live is 1.05 boys to 1 girl. So if the chance for a boy is 1 then the chance of a gril is 0.95 therefore the chance of a boy is 1 in 1,95 or  1/1,95

d) There is a 10 per 1000  people chance in a city of 40.000 so 40*10 on 40000 chance that a woman is pregnant so in a city of 40000 there is a chance of 40 in 40000 that a woman is pregnant. 


so in total the chance that todag ay 19:30 a boy will be born is 1 in 1024920000. 

in % that is: 
100% * (1/365) * (1/1440) * (1/1,95) * (40/40000) = 0,0000000975686  %


so this is very small.


and the more specific you make the question the smaller the chances are.


But lets see what happens if we do. 


How big would be the chance if this boy has blue-eyes.


since eye colors can either be brown blue or green there is a seemingly a 1 in 3 chance on blue eyes. 

unfortunately its not that simple since brown eyes colors are favored above other eye color so the chances are different and we need more information:

It is observed that it depends on the lokaction a person is born, but I live in the Nethernlands which has estimated a 29%  chance on bue eye color that is little less then 1 in 3 

so the chance reduces to 

0,0000000975686 * 0.29 % = 0,0000000282948940 %




What the chance is of being born at 19:30 and 15 seconds so on 19:30:15

Well since there is 60 seconds in a minute then every second has a chance of 1/60 to be the right moment:

so our number decreases to:

0,0000000282948940 *(1/60) = 0,0000000004715816 %


We have to change the way of writing this down and in scinece it is used that we can say 1 in a million is 1 part in million parts or 1 ppm (parts per million)

or 1 in a billion chance we say 1 ppb (parts per billion).


Changing from  % (which is 1 part in 100 or pp100) we change our number into ppb in which case we remove 7 zero's, so 0,0000000004715816 % = 0,004715816 ppb which is also 4,715816 parts per trillion (ppt).


so the chance of a blue eyed boy being born at 19:30:15 today in my town of 40.000

is 4,7158 ppt or  a chance of 1 in 1/(4,7158 ppt) which is a chance of 1 in 2.120.523.936 so approximately  1 in 2 trillion. 



With this example we have shown that

The more questions you ask the smalle the chances are that it will happen. 


This seems a useless excersize in the light of bringing you Home, but hee, we just got started since this approach will prove to be usefull in our further search for our Home. 

lets go to the next page.